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Integration instead of implementing a new system
If your data already exists in operational systems, we would be delighted to create the connection to these systems for you, based on tried-and-tested standards, so the required data is also available within the new Web application. It does not matter whether the application is an SQL database, a document system or a CRM tool. To make it easier for you to maintain your data and allow you to access it anywhere, we develop a web interface for you to process your data in the office, on the road and, if necessary, at home conveniently by means of a web browser.

Standards instead of experiments
To obtain long-term competitive advantages for you, we rely on independent systems and recognised standards when we develop our web applications. With the Java Enterprise platform or the applications for the .Net platform, we develop your applications to be platform independent and we don't tie you to fixed environments which are almost impossible to change without involving a great deal of time, effort and expense.

Open source or reinventing the wheel?
While there are applications which require a completely separate implementation, there are often situations where it is wise to fall back on tried-and-trusted methods. We continuously monitor the development of open source projects and use products which are supported by a strong community. Apache products or the Spring Framework, which adhere to Java specifications, guarantee long operating life and reliability while being very cost-effective.

Agile development instead of missed deadlines
By splitting your application up into functional modules and completing these within agreed deadlines, you have better control of the ongoing development work and the costs. Using our staging servers, you can check the current status of the development work at any time and thanks to agreed release cycles, the priorities of different features can be changed. Because the application has been designed and implemented as individual function modules, these join together seamlessly even before your application is fully completed. Permanent automatic tests ensure that you do not have any nasty surprises.