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Functionality coupled with good looks

First impressions are all-important. Nowadays users decide within seconds whether they find a website interesting or not, and whether to spend time surfing it or just close it. Consequently the the best technical functions are useless if the website has not been designed with a clear layout that is attractive and suitable for the relevant target group.

Our design team aims at shaping and optimising your website in accordance with your company's corporate design guidelines. In joint discussions, we develop tailor-made solutions which lead your users straight to information and functions without confusing them. The visual impression must be spot on. The user must be able to find his way around your website quickly, easily and intuitively. Our aim is to provide superb functionality coupled with easy-to-follow navigation, a comprehensible structure and an impressive design tailored to the target group in question. We can optimise individual areas of your website, your entire website or look for ways of making your site more attractive for your customers, for example, by using 3D animations or special flash applications.

Our core competencies are:

  • Creative ideas
  • Comprehensive consultancy
  • Customised solutions
  • Development & optimisation of existing concepts
  • Web, screen and interface design
  • Usability
  • 3D animations
  • Special flash applications
  • Wording (improving the quality of phrasing and formulations)